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i find it quite sad how some people say the same thing whenever i tell them i just drew or painted or i spent the past hours writing. to me (and to a whole lot of other people sharing the same inclination) this clearly isn't wasting my time or having "too much time." i simply know what i want to do and i do it. and it means something to me. if someone else decides to calculate and converse with numbers all day long, i would sarcastically (and perhaps bitterly) say that he or she is wasting his or her time - that is, if i didn't understand the concept of personal preferences. it was somewhat frustrating before whenever i told people i am majoring in the humanities - specifically people who are majoring in econnomics or math or the natural sciences. art or writing or film isn't necessarily about having fun or wasting time. different strokes for different folks. bah. sorry for the long comment - and its indirect connection to your post. goodnight!

The inspiration for this weblog entry came from a discussion on the Everyday Matters list group. Danny Gregory, founder of that group, recently posed a related question under the title The Fundamental Question on his weblog.

The central question of Danny's query (at least, what I consider to be the central question ;-) is "Why do you consider creativity to be an essential part of your life?"

I recommend you surf over to Danny's site and read the question, read the comments, and add your own thoughts.

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