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Is this the job you got?

Nope; oddly (?) I still haven't heard back from these people. And I did so well on their project too, or so I thought. Maybe they didn't like all the bugs I found and reported.

Sounds good in theory, but I'd have to say that in practice, this is a terrible idea. The test took you 46 hours in your spare time? That essentially means you put in a week of unpaid training before you even get in the door for an interview. If you have 46 hours to spare, why not spend them looking for other jobs -- or having fun?

On the plus side, this certainly does give both you and the client a "try-before-you-buy" experience. But if the client needs such a thing that badly, then it would probably be better for the client to budget in a probationary period for new employees.

Marnen -

you raise a good point about the time involved. If I hadn't found the project interesting as a technical learning experience, I would never have put in the time. Also, that 46 hours told me quite clearly that I would NOT want to work for that company. That information was priceless! (A probationary period would have had a much higher level of stress attached.)

You can be sure that wasn't 46 hours straight, either. I also spent time looking for work... and having fun. (As for having 46 hours to spare, being unemployed tends to give you that. :-(

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