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Writer, Reader, Techie, and Cat Mom


Spouse and Self are two computer professionals living in the San Francisco Bay Area with our 4 feline furkids.

I've been interested in technology and science since Elementary school. I took my first computer programming class (FORTRAN) in High School. I have a Masters Degree in Science (Microbiology), but I'm a (Perl tools) programmer, technical writer, and web spinner by profession and preference.

Rich and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, near a couple of nature preserves and hiking trails. We have raccoons, occasional skunks, and once an oppossum in our back yard, as well as birds and (recently, after 15 years!) tree squirrels. The climate is lovely, as is the view.

We have no human children but we do have four happy feline furkids we call the Heatercats. The photo above is of Bebop, our eldest Maine Coon and "Cat-in-Charge", enjoying our enclosed garden under supervision.



I have several weblogs.

This weblog, commentary, is where I post longish essays and opinion pieces, (i.e., commentary), about things I've read or done.

My "primary" weblog, Slightly Off Kilter, covers interesting web sites, news, memes & writing prompts, my general activities, and other things I want to talk about and share. All entries in commentary are linked to in Slightly Off Kilter.

I've also got a tumblelog, called Snibbles, for even shorter pieces.

And, finally, I write a weblog just for our cats, entitled Postcards from the Furkids.


Cats. Books. Tech (Mac OS X, Palm, Perl...).
The Internet. Weblogs and social software.

I have some weblog memes (writing prompts). Take a look if you're interested in playing.


You can read more about me and my interests in my home pages.