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Thanks for the tips. I just go a rejection letter and was looking for info on the web about asking for feedback when I found your blog. Good luck with your search.
Best - Carol


Thanks for your blog topic and the links to related articles. I recently came across what I considered to be one of the best opportunities of my career. I was a great fit. After a few rounds of phone and face-to-face, the in-house recruiter confirmed that I was considered a front runner. After a really great fourth round of interviews, where I received terrific feedback, I abruptly received a call that I was no longer being considered and they were moving on with another candidate. Something just didn't feel right.

I wrote a thank you note to the hiring manager and said that I was disappointed, but that I appreciated the opportunity. Although I felt a good connection and mutual respect with her, I didn't expect a response, but I received a curt note wishing me "luck in my career exploration".

I had a restless night of sleep wondering if I did something wrong. I tried not to read too much into it, but as you discuss in your blog, I wondered if their was some misperception or whether a reference said something unexpected. I was OK about moving on, but, as you say, it would be nice to know or even be able to correct the misperception. Your blog made me feel better. Thanks!

I actually am looking for information as to how long to wait after an interview before you seek for feedback. I had an interview yesterday and upon arrival was told that "there actually wasn't a job, and this was more like a search just in case one arises". I was disappointed but I nervously continued and talked about my passions and my work, being the last in the day, my energy was at times met with sarcasm, but I expected that, whenever I complimented them about their practice, they offer looked unimpressed in that "we've heard it all before" way. Nonetheless, I will call in about a week, I need to secure A job before the end of October, and I've been told by one that I am ideal but they have no funds to support me.

I can relate to the frustration of seeking feedback following job interviews. You're lucky to even get a polite 'no thanks' - that's more than I receive! Most of the recruitment agents I deal with NEVER get in contact even when you've waited sufficient time and chased it up with a polite email message. And it's typically no better when you deal directly with recruitment managers within companies and don't have to go through an agent, they're just as bad.

I don't get it. Seriously, all the signs are good in the interview, it goes well etc. Then, nothing. I'm in web design and most the jobs I apply for are in Surrey/London, but I live in Newcastle which is the other end of the UK, so the cost of trainfares to travel to these places quickly bankrupts me each month. So I can't maintain a high frequency of applications going with that consideration in mind. There's next to nothing in terms of jobs for my skill level in my industry up here too.

Feels like a huge waste of time, especially given the 5 years invested in higher education and 4 years in industry I have had seeming to matter squat - 2 of the last four spent looking for a new position.

But still, I only let the agents and interviewers see my positive face in the interviews since part of me clings to the hope that they won't inevitably waste my time (yet again).

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